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Bertil Vallien and Trish Duggan

In a remarkable collaboration that bridged the worlds of art and technology, the visionary mind of Trish Duggan connected with the creative genius of renowned Swedish glass casting artist, Bertil Vallien. Together, they embarked on a groundbreaking project that would redefine the boundaries of contemporary glass art.

Trish Duggan, recognized for her innovative ideas and philanthropic pursuits, shared a daring concept with Vallien - transforming one of his iconic boat sculptures into a majestic rocketship. Intrigued by the audacity of the idea, Vallien eagerly embraced the challenge, envisioning an artwork that would soar beyond the limits of imagination.

With unwavering determination, Trish and Vallien combined their talents to bring the rocketship sculpture to life. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they introduced an augmented reality element that infused the artwork with an otherworldly spark. The digital enhancement propelled the sculpture into a new reality, transcending the confines of traditional glass art and offering viewers an awe-inspiring experience like never before.

The culmination of their collaboration was unveiled at Art Wynwood in Miami, Florida, where spectators were captivated by the harmonious fusion of Vallien's masterful craftsmanship and Duggan's innovative vision. The rocketship, a symbol of human exploration and ambition, now symbolized the limitless possibilities of art when empowered by technology and creative synergy.


Trish Duggan worked to develop an augmented reality tour to go along with each of the collaborations between Trish and Bertil Vallien. This tour titled “Journey of the Imagination” allows families to be transported to “other worlds” with imaginative glass artworks and augmented reality experiences. The augmented reality exhibit debuted at Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, FL in 2019.

Standing Rocket

Alien rocket ship artAlien rocket ship artAlien rocket ship artAlien rocket ship art

Augmented Reality Boats

Augmented Reality Boat: Sideview

Augmented Reality Boat: Frontview

Boat With Augmented Reality in Front of Painting by Gottfried Helnwein


The Watchers

Alien watchers art collection
Alien watchers art collection
Alien watchers art collection